WATCH: Zara shopper left mortified over embarrassing trouser gaffe 1 year ago

WATCH: Zara shopper left mortified over embarrassing trouser gaffe

I'm not a woman for fart jokes, but this is pretty informative.

All you Zara fans out there hoping to do a bit of online shopping and lift your spirits, consider this your warning.


A Zara customer has gone viral on TikTok after sharing an embarrassing design flaw on a pair of faux leather trousers and yes, you've guessed it, that embarrassing design flaw has to do with the omission of wind.

Deny it all you like, but it's a simple fact that the sound of farts make people laugh. You only have to look at the million dollar Whoopee Cushion* industry to know that if gas leaves your body and makes a sound while doing so the chances are, people will laugh.

That was the situation Julia Leonard found herself in when she was bringing her new faux leather Zara pants out on the town for the very first time.

As hilarious as this all is, Julia did urge people to heed her warning;

"Please just keep watching if you shop at Zara. So I bought these really cute, flarey-type leather pants, and I went out to eat with my family. And thank god it was just my family. On our way out, my sister drops her phone, so I go down to pick it up and this happens..."

Well, we'll leave you to watch but you know what's coming.

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"Save yourself because I couldn't"- words to live by Julia.

Stay safe out there kids.

*We have no idea how much the Whoopee Cushion industry is worth, do not quote our facts.