Watching Bridgerton can help your dog relax, apparently 3 months ago

Watching Bridgerton can help your dog relax, apparently

They love a bit of Bridgerton.

Ever feel like your pet enjoys watching TV just as much as you? Perhaps, maybe even more?


Well, as it turns out, certain shows have been proven to make our furry friends relaxed, with Netflix's Bridgerton proving to be just as popular with dogs as it is with humans.

Betway asked some pet owners to attach fitness trackers to their dogs, and by doing this they were able to determine what kind of music and TV relaxes dogs, and what induces anxiety and stress.

The period hit Bridgerton proved to be the most relaxing show for dogs, as the data demonstrated that for every hour watched, dogs were at rest for an average of 37 minutes.

If you're keen to know what to avoid, it should be noted that according to Betway, The Witcher had the opposite effect, with dogs only resting for an average of 27 minutes per hour it is on. You might also want to remove the dog if you're sticking Pup Academy on, as this show saw a 69% increase in anxiety points for the participating dogs.


If you are a Rick and Morty fan, you can rest assured that your dog probably enjoys it too, as the study found that this show helped to lower the dogs' anxiety points more than any other show.

If you're concerned about what music you play around your dog, the study found that classical, folk and jazz were the genres that were most likely to set your dog up for a good sleep, while the worst music for dogs to listen to before a sleep was metal.

Metal also ranked highly among the music genres that was most anxiety-inducing.


You can read the full breakdown of the study right here.