This wedding location is set to be BIG in 2019 according to Pinterest 4 years ago

This wedding location is set to be BIG in 2019 according to Pinterest

We know what your thinking, it's surely some super lavish setting if it's trending on Pinterest, right?

A castle?


A 5-star hotel?

Some picturesque, niche beach venue?

A spa?

Nope, it's actually just your backyard.


Yep, according to new information from Pinterest, searches this year for backyard weddings went up 441 percent as people think of new DIY ways to create the wedding of their dreams.

Not only can hosting the wedding in your own venue cut a large cost, but you also have the creative leeway to turn the space into what you wish.

Here are some pinned "backyard wedding" images which people are loving...

A marquee so the weather doesn't interfere with your day.


No heels digging into the grass here.

Odd chairs and tables - adding a vintage touch.



Aside from that, other big wedding trends set to take over in 2019 include neon signs which were up 281 percent and gold wedding dresses which were up a staggering 1552 percent - we expect to see a lot of these in 2018.

And lastly, a strange one, smoke bomb photography for weddings was highly searched for this year, up 436 percent. Smoke bomb photography is often used in dance and creative arts and now, it appears like it's set to be a big runner for weddings.


Getting married in 2019? Will you be using any of these trends?

All images via Pinterest.