Weekend Roundup – 10 Things Her.ie Loved This Week 8 years ago

Weekend Roundup – 10 Things Her.ie Loved This Week

These are a few of our favourite things… for this week at least.



Home to Winterfell

Game of Thrones this week surpassed The Sopranos to become, officially, the most successful HBO show ever. From the same network that gave us Sex and the City, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, True Blood and True Detective, that's saying something. Michelle was lucky enough to join Discover Northern Ireland on a Game of Thrones trip earlier this week, including a travelling exhibition, a red carpet meet and greet with cast members and a tour of many of the most notable shooting locations from the hit show. It was a GOT fan's dream come true.


Well Hello, Dolly!

This week, Sue went to see one of her all-time heroines, the wonderful Dolly Parton. The gig was on in the o2 on Wednesday night which was completely sold out. According to Sue, there's nothing like hearing 20,000 people singing 9-5 at the top of their lungs.


Life's a Festival

Summer to Marie means one thing and one thing only - festival season. Despite our unreliable weather, we're blessed in Ireland to have a fantastic selection of music festivals in all corners of the country and featuring all genres of music. One that caught her eye this week is the Light Colour Sound Festival, which takes place in Kilkenny this July and is a serious showcase of some of the best Irish acts out there at the moment. Check it out at http://lightcoloursoundfestival.com.


Raving Mad!

Sure held their very first morning rave recently where party goers were invited to head along for breakfast and dancing at 11am! Sounds a bit mad but if there’s dancing and food, what’s not to love? Kitted out with glowsticks and a cracking DJ and plenty of deodorant to keep us fresh – Úna is already looking forward to the next one. Leg warmers ahoy!


A Perfect Pear

Our pals at Kopparberg made our Friday earlier with a delicious delivery of their new Pear Light. Now the sun has arrived, we're rating this as our favourite light and refreshing tipple of the summer. Delish!


The Cup Runneth Over

As an avid football fan Rebecca is loving the World Cup​, which kicked off in Brazil this week. Not only does she like the fact that she is guaranteed to have something to watch every night (while eating her Squashies which she loved as well) but she's also hoping to pocket a few pounds at the end of the tournament. Fingers crossed!

Sao Paulo prepares for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Bling Ring

Liz will hold her hands up and admit she's a bit of a magpie. From metallic shoes to costume jewellery, if it's shiny she kind of has to have it. So when she went shopping for some Hollywood glamour for the weekend, she fell in love with these earrings from Newbridge's eShe collection. Teamed with red lips and side swept hair, she's all ready to head to the ball.

Newbridge eShe Earrings

It's a Mug's Game

The Her.ie team runs on tea. (And free cupcakes, but mostly tea). So, you can imagine our delight when a delivery of adorable mugs arrived with our little logo on them. Kettle's on, see you round ours in five?


I Scream, You Scream...

Our pals at the Colm Hayes show sent the Smith's Ice Cream van over to us on Monday for a sweet treat in the sun. Fun times were had by all...


Naked Garden

During the week Grace arrived into office only to be greeted by a gold box wrapped in ribbon sitting on her desk. With a hashtag #NakedGarden penned on the lid, she didn't really know what awaited her. In preparation for next week's Body & Soul Festival the lovely folk over at Naked Juice sent in vital supplies. The superfood and antioxidant juices were delish but it was the complimentary #festiphoto and #facepaint festival passes that got her excited. So just a heads ups, if you're attending Body & Soul next weekend you may find our gal Grace sporting some festive face paint - we're hoping she won't take the 'Naked Garden' part to seriously.