WhatsApp Users Warned To Watch Out For A New Scam 7 years ago

WhatsApp Users Warned To Watch Out For A New Scam

Be careful.

A Whatsapp scam is doing the rounds and it has tricked people into revealing personal information.


BT says that fraudsters are sending spam links which appear as though they've been sent from friends in your Whatsapp phonebook.

The links appear in your Whatsapp conversation and clicking on them takes you to a discount page where you're asked for personal information.

Do NOT open the link. We repeat, do not open, because if you do, your phone will become infected with a Malware virus which can enable scammers to retrieve personal details.

People have been lured in by the promise of free discounts and vouchers and once they hand over their mobile numbers and emails, hackers can gain information to banking details etc.


The app has been subjected to scams before now, including invitations to fake voicemail servicesĀ and calls.