You'll never buy wine at the weekend again after reading this 5 years ago

You'll never buy wine at the weekend again after reading this

The cheek.

That Friday/Saturday evening glass of red/white is a pleasure like no other and this new tip might make it a lot sweeter.


Apparently, supermarkets can up their alcohol prices at the weekends, because they know that's when all the Monday to Friday 9-5ers let their hair down.

Bear in mind that the below research took place in the United States so there's no proof that it happens in Ireland BUT in saying that, we'll be making our wine purchases during the week in future. Just in case.

Ibotta, a mobile shopping app, decided to analyse the shopping receipts of FIFTY MILLION people (through research to be fair) and found that wine was far more expensive on Saturdays and Sundays.



Apparently, the research extended to beer too and the results spotted on Delish, showed that Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy wine, with Monday the best value for purchasing beer.

It seems that the price differences affected red wine more than white, so if you're a fan of red, it's worth keeping this in mind.

It makes sense too that prices would rise on Saturdays and Sundays as that's when people are kicking back and chilling but planning ahead might ensure you're a few euro richer.