A wine advent calendar is finally here 6 years ago

A wine advent calendar is finally here

Chocolate calendars are set to be a long, distant memory at this rate.

When we were younger, advent calendars was the pinnacle of the Christmas countdown.


But as we get older, the holiday season gets a lot more stressful, between buying presents, getting time off work and getting to see everyone you plan to, so it's no wonder the addition of alcohol is so welcomed.

We saw the introduction of a gin calendar along with a kinky calendar (only mix both if you want to wreak absolute havoc) which both sound like absolute dreams come true.

i just love christmas gif

VineBox have created what we've all been waiting for - an advent calendar but with tiny gifts of wine in it.


There's a glass of wine for you to drink every day (or night if you rather), and it's not just cheap plonk you'll be putting down your neck either as all the wines have been picked by a sommelier.


The calendar retails at €121.38 but combining wine and Christmas is truly priceless.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a wine advent calendar...