The witches of Instagram: 6 magical accounts you have to follow 2 years ago

The witches of Instagram: 6 magical accounts you have to follow

With Halloween just days away, we’re getting into the spirit of things with our latest social follows.

Yes, we’ve been making a few spooky additions to our Instagram feed as of late and they all have a theme – witchcraft.

From tarot cards to magic concoctions, these ladies are all about the supernatural spirits.

The witches of Instagram are a real thing and here are six accounts that have us seriously intrigued.


1. @witcheryway


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This “Canadian Hedgewitch with Hoodoo influences” is all about herbal remedies and religious iconography.


2. @thecraftofthewise

This self-proclaimed witch shares her love of crystal healing and lunar wisdom on her account.


3. @burialground


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When two witchy friends come together, it makes this magical Instagram offering.


4. @sacredwildtarot

This yogi and “witchy woman” is a huge lover of tarot cards and often does virtual readings for followers.


5. @ancient_hearts

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This “green witch, artist and photographer” uses her Instagram to show off her witchy products she sells on Etsy.


6. @light_witch

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This witch photography account “strives to create a visual moment that urges the viewer to question spirituality, the human experience and one’s own connection to the universe.”