Woman demands her twin sister change her adopted daughter's name as she wants to use it 1 year ago

Woman demands her twin sister change her adopted daughter's name as she wants to use it

She wants to use it for her own daughter instead.

A pregnant woman has demanded her twin sister change her adopted daughter's name as she wants to use it instead.


She explained on Reddit that growing up with her sister 'S', she had always felt like she wasn't allowed to have her own things: they have names which rhyme, they shared a bedroom and their  mum tried to get them to wear matching clothes.

"That’s never bothered S like it bothers me. She always wanted to do same activities as me and hang out with my friend group," she continued.

This included colleges, to which 'S' applied to a few of the same ones as her sibling. They ended up going to different colleges, something which the original poster said helped their relationship.


"Our relationship improved when I had my own space where I could be myself and not one of the interchangeable twins," she added.

After getting married last year, she and her husband moved to her hometown to raise their children closer to family. Meanwhile, her sister and her husband, who have been married for four years, decided to adopt.

The original poster said that she's currently pregnant and she and her husband are expecting a baby girl. They have spent "a lot of time picking out the perfect name" for their daughter - and it's one that she feels "SO good" about.


Then, her sister and her sister's husband shared their own happy news: they're adopting a little girl.

"They wanted a baby but ended up having to go with a slightly older kid, 5. She looks absolutely precious and I was so happy for a few seconds before they announced her name is B, the name that S KNOWS is my daughter's," the original poster continued, admitting that she thought it was a joke at first.

After realising that they were serious, the woman worried that "everyone would laugh" if twins gave their daughters the same name - and that all of her problems with her sister 'S' would repeat themselves.

"They won't be able to have a good relationship because of this. I don't want people nicknaming my kid to distinguish her because I like the FULL name I chose. And I can't help but suspect that S picked a kid with the same name on purpose just like she always wanted to be like me when we were kids," she said.


She said that she was planning to talk to her sister about the situation, and that she was hoping she would be "reasonable" and changer her daughter's name.

"My kid will get here first (I'm almost at my due date) and I picked out the name first. A lot of parents change their adopted kids’ names. They could do that," she continued.

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"If the kid won't change her name, S and SH could go with a different kid. There are thousands upon thousands of orphans who need loving homes and 99.9999 per cent of them don't have this one particular name. They haven't bonded with this one yet. I already have bonded with my baby and I can't imagine her with another name."


She added that the situation has been stressing her own and "it's NOT GOOD for my baby."

Needless to say, the commenters had a lot of feelings about the mum-to-be's idea, with many people calling her "unbelievable" - and urged her to take her niece into consideration.