Woman dumps older boyfriend after Googling his house 4 months ago

Woman dumps older boyfriend after Googling his house

She started "freaking out" after what she found.

A woman has taken to Reddit to seek advice after have the same argument with a man she was dating over and over again.


Posting on the famous 'Am I the A**hole?' forum, the 22-year-old explained the frustrating situation, saying that her partner was constantly whining about her house.

"In my apartment... there isn't much soundproofing and the floors creak when people move," she wrote.

"I've gotten used to the sound of the guy upstairs getting up at 4 am since he starts work at 5.


"And the sound of the girls in the apartments to either side of mine watching telenovelas till midnight, taking work calls all day and having friends over on weekend nights."

However, once her boyfriend started sleeping over in hers regularly, he complained a lot and asked her to tell the neighbours to keep the noise down.

She told him her living situation was pretty common for a young person, but the argument persisted to the point where she was forced to look for advice online.

Redditors were quick to point out the obvious compromise - that she should stay at his house instead. However,  the woman revealed that his house was too awkward to get to as she didn't have a car.


The comments made her think twice so she decided to Google his address and was left absolutely shocked by what she found.

"I googled his property records for his house and he co-owns it with a woman who shares his last name!" she revealed.

"Holy s**t... I don't know if she's his wife or ex-wife or what but I'm OUT OF HERE.


"I'm honestly freaking out right now but I just gotta say... great big thank you to everyone who noticed red flags and made me question that. I've blocked his number, he can have fun figuring out where I went."

What a twist! Fair play to her.