Woman who gave birth to 10 babies speaks out following fraud claims by partner 4 months ago

Woman who gave birth to 10 babies speaks out following fraud claims by partner

This has been wild from start to finish.

A mum in South Africa who has claimed to have decuplets is coming out now to say that the father is denying their birth for publicity.


It emerged that the father of the 10 babies has said that he doesn't believe the babies exist, and hasn't seen evidence that they were ever born.

The mother has claimed that the father is only saying this as he's trying to become a "millionaire".

Gosiame Sithole added that she is hurt and upset by the suggestion by Teboho Tsotetsi that there are no babies at all.

The two became major news in South Africa and across the world after she announced the birth of her 10 babies, breaking records in South Africa.

With seven boys and three girls, she claimed that they were all conceived naturally and born via C-section at only 29 weeks at a hospital in Pretoria.

There are yet to be any picture evidence of the babies being born, and the story has seen so many difference twists since it started.


Gosiame says that Teboho thought he would become rich from the babies' birth, and only stepped up when donations began coming in.

He, however, has since asked well wishers across the globe to stop donating as he is doubtful of the whole situation.

Claiming she has gone into hiding with the babies, she is keeping it a secret, and "no-one can force her to" say where she is.


Teboho, who was not present for the birth of his children, says he has not been able to visit the babies since they were born due to Covid restrictions.

He says that the only communication he had with her was via WhatsApp and that he was told he could not visit her or the babies due to Covid restrictions.