This incredible woman just invented a software that will change the way Irish nurses work 3 months ago

This incredible woman just invented a software that will change the way Irish nurses work

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This is SO impressive.

As we all know, being a nurse in this country is hard.

Among the issues, is the fact that so much of a nurse's time is spent doing paperwork and documentation.

This eats into the time that they could be using to care for sick patients.

Well, what if I told you that a special program had been invented to help solve this issue?

Ali Rose Sisk is a registered nurse at Cork University Hospital, and a full-time master's student at UCC.

Ali Rose also just got an offer to move to London to pursue a PhD in exploring dementia care.

So, already we're impressed like.

As part of her master's degree, Ali Rose developed a 90-minute student workshop for dementia communications.

This was, in fact, the first of its kind that had ever been developed. She joined us at our Girls With Goals live event to talk about all her amazing work. You can listen to the whole episode below.

Speaking about why she pursued this project, Ali Rose said:

"I worked as a carer when I was growing up, and I loved working with the elderly and dementia patients."

"When I started my nursing career, in a different position, but I just always loved that area."

"My own grandmother has dementia so it's something that has touched everyone, and it's quite close to home."

"I applied to go back and do my masters, and develop something to teach students and give them confidence through education."

"What dementia is, and why it's important and how we can communicate.  So it's a communication workshop called Vera, after my grandmother."

"It's validation, emotion, reassurance and action - it basically teaches the student that you can go along with the person's reality."

But that's not all!

On top of her incredible communications workshop, Ali-Rose has also created a software that allows nurses more time on the floor, and away from documentation.

"So, we're documenting all our information on paper, this software will give us more time as nurses to interact with people, and actually nurse."

How amazing is that?

To find out more about Ali, and her amazing work, listen to this week's episode of Girls With Goals here now.

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