This woman with one arm has the BEST Tinder bio ever 4 years ago

This woman with one arm has the BEST Tinder bio ever

What a woman.

21-year-old Lauren was in a moped accident about a year ago.


She lost control of the bike, slammed into a median in the road, and hit a sign. Her arm was severed at the scene.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, she said that asked a police officer if she was going to die. He told her that she was going to be fine.

And, thankfully, she was.

One year later and Lauren has decided to set up a Tinder profile. In it, she, of course, included pictures of herself, and the best bio that we've ever seen.

It reads:

"Hands down the best catch on Tinder

Face 10/10

Body 9/10

Personality 20/10

Arms 1/2"

She also has "arms dealer" as her work place. Iconic.


It wasn't long before Lauren's profile was screenshotted and shared all around Twitter and Reddit.

Naturally, people thought it was the best thing they'd ever seen.


The 21-year-old told BuzzFeed that she didn't mind that people found the bio funny because she had written it herself.

She also regularly posts on Twitter about her lost arm, making jokes, posting photos of herself, and addressing the fact that she is lucky to be alive.

Feature image via Twitter.