This woman penned a brilliant and brutal letter to her best friend's ex 5 years ago

This woman penned a brilliant and brutal letter to her best friend's ex

This girl's got your back.

We all know what it's like when you're best friend gets a boyfriend, you are territorial over her, want the best for her and hope that he will always be good to her. In many ways a best friend can be even more protective than an older brother.


This letter is proof of that.

After a woman got divorced her best friend penned an open letter to the ex-husband about how he had failed.

In the letter, the friend who wrote it refers to herself only as BFF, so we will too to keep it simple.

BFF acknowledges that marriages break down but harshly tells the man, 'this is your fault'. She says that although her friend is 'a pillar of strength', BFF doesn't feel so strong.


 ''You hurt my friend, you lied to my friend, and you betrayed my friend. She’s handling this like the strong, resilient, compassionate badass that she is,'' it reads.

''I get to pull the Best Friend Card here, and I get to just be pissed the f*ck off that you are the catalyst for the heartbreak, pain, anxiety, and overwhelming stress that you are causing my friend. So, F*CK YOU DUDE,'' she adds passionately.

Then the anger really flows out. If you have a best friend who's heart was broken, you'll relate to this (be warned that 90% of this paragraph features the word 'fuck').

''Fuck you for making her sad. Fuck you for making her question her own value and self-worth. Fuck you for making her question your entire relationship. Fuck you for making her feel like she has to figure out what she did wrong. Fuck you for making her feel guilty that she can’t keep up the facade forever and pretend like everything is fine. Fuck you for making her stress out over money. Fuck you for making her stay up all night crying. Fuck you for making her heart break as she attempts to prepare herself for spending 50% of her time away from the children she adores beyond comprehension. Fuck you for making her stay up all night as she worries how this will affect their future.''

We've certainly been tempted to say this to our friends bad partners in the past.


BFF reiterates that her friend is strong and taking the high road, but that she personally is not. She adds that her recently divorced friend still has to share so much with her ex (including children) and that that is not an easy task.

She goes on to say that she knows her friend will be okay, but that she did not deserve the hurt the husband caused.

And as if this letter was powerful and entertaining enough, there's the killer closing line:

''If you get a shipping compartment full of roaches, don’t call me. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Fucker.

Love, The BFF''


We want to print this out and use it as a template for every break up ever.

It also reminds us a lot of this epic Sex and the City moment.

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