This woman was suspended from Tinder for the most unfair reason 4 years ago

This woman was suspended from Tinder for the most unfair reason

Tinder's great.

Well, it's alright.


If you're looking for a gaggle of lads called Enda to tell you that you're "not like other girls" while asking for your Snapchat name in the same breath then it's the place for you.

And if you're not, there might be a decent use for the dating app that you hadn't actually thought of yet.

25-year-old Australian woman Lizzy wasn't a massive Tinder user... that was until she realised she could use the app to remind fellow Australians to register to vote ahead of the country's postal survey on marriage equality.

Instead of sending out the classic 'hey man, what's up?', Lizzy got straight to the point and sent every single one of her matches the same message.


It read:

"Hi hello check ur enrolment details are current even if you know you're enrolled you must double check your address at BY TONIGHT unless you're a homophobe in which case I am a bot."

Lizzy also included some Pride flag emojis, for good measure.



Speaking to Junkee, she said that a lot of responses she received were positive enough, while others... weren't so great.

However, it was when Tinder decided to suspend Lizzy's account that she became "disappointed."

“Not only because men seem to be allowed to send everybody they match with the same sexually suggestive gif or ‘sup’ while I can’t send an administrative reminder about human rights, but also because I actually had a number of pretty cute progressive guys message me back.”

She also wanted to tell those guys that she actually wasn't ghosting them, she had just been reported on the app by a lot of not-so-sound lads.


Australians have until the end of today to ensure they're properly registered for the marriage equality postal survey.

The votes are set to be tallied in September, hopefully leading to a vote on same-sex marriage in the Australian Parliament.

Over 50,000 people have registered to vote since the survey was announced two weeks ago.