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Woman wears Uggs to the airport... is refused entry into airline lounge
Fussy or what?

Fussy, eh?

While Uggs may not be on the top of any style list, we have to say that we *may* have kept ours to wear around the house.

Because... comfort.

And (usually) when going to the airport, we like to dress as comfortable as possible, because it's generally a long and strenuous day.

Well, this woman had the idea of wearing Uggs to catch her flight... and was then kicked out of the airline lounge.

Joanne Catherall, who was flying with the Australian airline Qantas, took to Twitter to relay her experience.

"Denied access Qantas business class lounge in Melbourne Airport – apparently, Ugg boots are deemed sleepwear by the lady working there although no problem in any of the other lounges so far.


"Helpfully she suggested I go to one of the shops and purchase some shoes."

Not a great start to her holiday, so.

However, the airline tweeted her back, saying: "Hi Joanne, we endeavour to remain consistent and uphold our Lounge's dress guidelines to all our guests."

But Joanne was having none of it and replied to them, along with a screenshot of the airlines clothing guidelines.


"Why would an UGG boot I wear outdoors in all weathers be classed as sleepwear in Qantas lounge but nowhere else that I have ever been on this earth?"

We're wondering the same thing, Joanne.

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