Woman's boyfriend won't introduce her to friends for the worst reason 3 years ago

Woman's boyfriend won't introduce her to friends for the worst reason

One woman has asked for advice after she found out the awful reason he doesn't want to introduce her to his friends.

The 24-year-old woman took to Reddit to share her story, after finding out why her 22-year-old boyfriend was reluctant to take the big step.


She explained that in the year they had been together, she's been introduced to his family, and they've even all gone on holidays together.

They spent Thanksgiving together with his family last year, while he traveled out of state to visit her family for Christmas.

It all seems normal so far, right?

The 24-year-old wrote:

"But, somehow, I have never met any of his friends. I know he’s not a loner and he hangs out with his friends often.

"When he has a day off, he’s either with me or them.

"They do exist and he’s not making them up. But he has never invited me to hang out with them."

She raised the issue with him, explaining that while she wasn't expecting to be invited to guys-only nights out, she would like to be invited sometimes if there was a co-ed event.

She recalled how her boyfriend said he would "try" to do it...but when the chance came up, he didn't.


She explained that the couple have a mutual friend who she attended college with, and they were throwing a house party.

The host text her on the day of the party to find out if they were both attending, which is when she found out her boyfriend was invited five days before and just hadn't mentioned it.

She added:

"He gave me a ton of excuses, ranging from 'it’s rude to invite other people to someone else’s party' to 'I was going to get around to it but our friend got to you before I did. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go.'"


Her boyfriend got "very drunk one night" about a week afterwards, which is when the original poster decided she was going to try and get the real reason out of him.

She said:

"I asked him if he has any doubts about our relationship. He said yes; he never thought he’d be part of an 'odd couple' but now he is.

"He thinks we look weird together, we’re mismatched, and he notices that people give us looks when we’re holding hands in public.

"I asked him if he’s glad that his friends have never met me. He said yes because he thinks they wouldn’t like me.

"I suspect he was comfortable introducing me to his family because he knows they are nonjudgmental and supportive, but he’s afraid of what his friends will think of me.

"I would say my boyfriend and I are on the same level of attractiveness, which would be a 6 to 7 on a scale of 10.

"I’m certainly not beautiful, but I’m not ugly. I’m quite plain-faced and forgettable.

"However, he grew up in different social circles and he’s used to being around girls who spend a lot of time on makeup, hair, and clothes.

"His high school sweetheart was like this. I take care of myself but like I said earlier, I’m plain.

"My girl friends and I tend to be tomboyish and interested in camping, hiking, tech, and so on."


She finished up the post by explaining:

"He’s a very visual person and I can tell that looking good next to his girlfriend matters a lot to him.

"How much of a future can I expect with someone who’s ashamed to introduce me to his friends because I’m not physically attractive enough?"

And our hearts weren't the only ones breaking for the original poster.


Commenters were quick to offer their words of wisdom, which all seemed to echo the same sentiment.