This woman's tattooed eyebrows are seriously NOT the result she was hoping for 3 years ago

This woman's tattooed eyebrows are seriously NOT the result she was hoping for

What a nightmare.

Kanyarat Chaichan from Thailand was left distraught after her eyebrow tattoos went terribly wrong. Instead of a full, structured, natural shape which emphasised and defined her face, Kanyarat was left with semi-circle "slug like" tattooed brows carried out by a not-so-professional artist. Yikes.


Kanyarat had to settle for her botched eyebrows after the cost of them left her unable to afford to get them fixed - but thankfully, a beauty therapist by the name of Vilailak Nan Sundantom felt seriously sorry for Kanyarat and decided to give her a course of corrective therapy to fix the previous job, for free!

Vilailak is slowly fading the brows through therapy and hopes to redefine the shape and leave Kanyarat with brows she originally bargained for.

Vilailak has also shared images of Kanyarat's transformation so far, and we got to admit, they are looking SO much better already!

Speaking on the transformation so far, Kanyarat said:

"I’m very pleased with the results and grateful for the treatment. I feel much better now, and I think I look a lot more beautiful. I thought I would be stuck with the big eyebrows for the rest of my life. Now I’m just being patient and waiting for them to get better."


Remember, if you are thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed make sure you do your research and choose a qualified and skilled technician to save you tears and more money.

Image credit: ViralPress