This woman's Tinder photo has sparked a huge debate for a hilarious reason 3 years ago

This woman's Tinder photo has sparked a huge debate for a hilarious reason

She says 23 people pointed it out to her.

A woman's Tinder profile photo sparked a huge debate online - and it's all down to a hilarious reason.


Hana Michels shared a photo of her profile on the dating app after she was flooded with questions about her photo.

They weren't about where she had taken the picture, or even what she was doing at the time. Those were both fairly obvious.

Instead, she said that 23 men had messaged her over the last year to point out the way she had her loo roll hung.

The tweet soon went viral, getting more than 2,250 retweets and almost 14,000 likes at the time of writing.

It also provoked a huge debate about which direction was the right way to hang toilet roll on a holder - and the decision was pretty split.


One person said:

"I don't have Tinder... but if I did, I'd be trying to find your profile right now just to tell you that you are correct about toilet paper."

Another person added:

"It all depends on how you tear it..if you spin the roll, then yank. You have it correct (my chosen roll position too).

"If you slowly and daintily use two hands and cut neat squares it's better from the front. I have no life and have run the experiments. The results are repeatable."

Someone else wondered:


"Why is this not the acceptable way to have toilet paper? It's so much easier to tear this way."

We reckon someone came up with the definitive answer, though.

One person pointed out:

"The definitively correct answer on the toilet paper question is this: the correct way to put the roll is the way the person who was considerate enough to replace the empty roll with a new one did it."