Women howling over man's dating app claim to make girls 'oink' 2 months ago

Women howling over man's dating app claim to make girls 'oink'

Dating apps, always interesting.

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, whatever dating app you use, you're guaranteed to come across some very interesting bios along the way.


There's always one type of bio that stands out when scrolling through a dating app, but we all know it's never a good bio when we do come across it.

And this is exactly what happened for one person looking for love when she spotted the strangest response to one of the prompts on Hinge.

If you're not familiar, on Hinge it asks you questions about yourself which you answer and potential matches can get a deeper look into your personality, as they are displayed on your profile.

Twitter user @_haaniyah_ instantly went viral after she tweeted out a screenshot of one specific answer that really caught her eye, and if she had to see it, so do we all.

The picture showed the prompt saying: "I’m a regular at…" But it went downhill from there.


Deciding on a line to impress the ladies, this chap went with: "Making a girl laugh uncontrollably. I’ll make her laugh so hard she snorts like a lil piggy.

"Oink oink girl, you mine now."

We're hoping he was joking when he decided to put that on his profile, but the world of Twitter jumped straight to the creepier side of it.

One person said: "I’m the only sane person on that app."


Another said: "This makes me wanna never laugh again. what’s he gonna do next, steal my face."

A third added: "I deleted it because men are so unhinged on it."

And one person simply quote tweeted it with the meme of Peppa Pig making a phone call, to who we can only assume is the police. The meme was also all too fitting.


Look, there's someone for everyone, right?