Women's anger after being told to leave Wetherspoons for wearing "inappropriate" tops 1 month ago

Women's anger after being told to leave Wetherspoons for wearing "inappropriate" tops

The girls were wearing crop tops.

Two TikTok users are furious after they claimed they'd been kicked out of Wetherspoons for wearing "inappropriate" tops.


Mollie Wood posted a TikTok saying that she and one of her friends were asked to leave the Back of Beyond Wetherspoons bar in Reading, allegedly for what they were wearing.

Explaining how they had been allowed entry only days prior, and had made it halfway through the restaurant after being IDed before the incident went down.

Mollie told her followers: "Basically, we got denied entry at Wetherspoons... We got have halfway through and we were denied entry to sit down because apparently, we were wearing 'inappropriate wear' at Wetherspoons."

"When we asked for the reason, they said it's because we're 'comparable to men taking their tops off.' Why are women with bigger boobs sexualised to the extent where it's compared to men that don't wear tops?"

@mollie_woodBACK OF BEYOND WETHERSPOONS u sexist fucking pigs♬ original sound - moll

The girls were wearing crop tops that covered their breasts, but still showed off their cleavage, which are very much in fashion at the moment.


But due to the cropped nature of her top, Mollie and her friend were deemed to be dressed inappropriately despite nothing being on show.

She added: "Why are cleavage and boobs inappropriate? Why are boobs so over-sexualised?"

The girls were quick to point out that it was 26 degrees, so they were dressing for the hot weather, and that because they had larger breasts, they were looked at in a more sexual way.

The video has gone viral, getting nearly half a million views and the comments have been swarmed with others sticking up for them.

One user noted: "Since when did spoons have a dress code anyways"


Which Mollie replied to say that they in fact don't have a dress code at all.