20 agonising, hilarious struggles of #GrowingUpWithGlasses 5 years ago

20 agonising, hilarious struggles of #GrowingUpWithGlasses

"You need glasses" is the dreaded line that has totally changed the childhoods of many a person.

Okay, yes, you can see clearly for possibly the first time in your life, and that's great. And in theory glasses can be stylish and make you look sophisticated and smart.


But Christ alive, wearing glasses can be a pain in the arse.

The latest entry in the #GrowingUp... series of hashtags on Twitter is #GrowingUpWithGlasses, and it nails all the struggles that spectacles-wearers have endured for their entire lives.

1 ) This absolute hell.

2 ) The biggest panic-induced-lie-for-the-sake-of-giving-an-answer outside of the Confession box.


3 ) GAH!


5 ) The. Worst.


6 ) Seriously, it's awful.


7 ) "Yeah, thanks, I KNOW"

8 ) When will someone invent windshield-wipers for lenses?

9 ) So impractical. 


10 ) Oh God, the scratches and marks!

11 ) HELL.

12 ) Worst nightmare.

13 ) Help...me

14 ) The divisive prescription competition. 

15 ) The panic.

16 ) The shades problem.

17 ) Ditto the 3D issue.

But as horrible as glasses can be, they have their upsides...I guess.

18 ) Fair point.

19 ) You can get the chance to be sassy.

20 ) And if you're lucky, you'll discover the amazing freedom that comes with contact lenses.