You can now get your best friend's face temporarily tattooed on your body 4 years ago

You can now get your best friend's face temporarily tattooed on your body

It's certainly unique. 

Growing up, there was always some way that we were showing devotion to our BFF's: friendship bracelets, pinky promises or simply just swearing we'll be best pals forever.


Now there's a new way to show your affinity for your BFF.

Take your friendships to the next level by ordering a set of temporary tattoos with your mates' faces on them.

This makes perfect sense if you're debating whether to get a permanent tattoo of your best mate's face on your body, but want to get a feel it first.

Think of it as a fun experimental game, if you want.



Simply head over to Etsy and order a minimum of 10 hand drawn portrait temporary tattoos and your friendships will instantly become unbreakable for the meagre price of just €61.

Why stop at friends, the artist will hand draw a portrait of anything you send their way. Maybe the cast of Friends, your crush, or even that secondary school teacher you always had a crush on.


The possibilities are truly endless.


A personalised temporary tattoo is a conversation starter, that's for sure.


There's a whole world out there waiting to ask why you've got a fake tattoo of Gail Platt, rather than a real one or ideally, none at all.

If you fancy showing off some temporary inkings, as well as the face of your BFF (or whoever you pick), you can get your temporary tattoos here.