Your phone could be making you break out in spots - and this is why 11 months ago

Your phone could be making you break out in spots - and this is why

How often do you clean your phone?

Really though.

Because it's dirty. I mean, we're talking REALLY dirty.

If you think about it, it only makes sense that your phone is picking up all sorts of germs here and there. You put it down on public tables, on kitchen counters, you drop it on the floor, you're always touching it right after touching god knows what.

It should not be a surprise that your phone is home to hundreds and thousands of bacteria. To be precise, your mobile has about 25,000 germs per square inch.

But did you know that those germs are actually giving you spots?

It's true. People who don't clean their phones at least once a week are twice as likely to get spots than those who do.

All of those thousands of germs are being wiped onto our face when we talk on the phone and they're clogging up all of our pores.

Yeah, we know. Gross.

One way to get around the issue is to use headphones. If you use headphones or earphones, rather than holding the phone right up against your face, then you'll be less likely to pass those germs on.

Or you could, you know, just clean your phone.

The best way to clean your phone is with a microfibre cloth. Antibacterial wipes can often damage the oleophobic coating that stops dirt and grease sticking to your screen. The coating means that just a cloth will get rid of a good portion of the grease on your phone.

Every so often, you could use a water-based solvent to clean your screen or buy a cleaner that is specifically designed for touch screens.

Try to get an alcohol-free one though because alcohol can wear away the coating.

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