7 things that happen in every Irish office during a heatwave 4 years ago

7 things that happen in every Irish office during a heatwave

A heatwave is occurring.

This is a fact that does not need to be explained or proven. We all know it to be true, and we are all positively delighted.


Still though, working during a heatwave has to be one of the most harrowing experiences in the world... especially if you're working in an office.

Here's a comprehensive list of things that have absolutely been happening in every office across the country for the past few weeks.

Portable fans galore.

1. Complaints 


We've waited months for this weather, and yet it remains impossible for us to just be happy with what we've got.

Queue a load of sweaty people rocking into work clutching two iced lattes, a frappuccino, and a luke warm bottle of water complaining about how hot it is out there.

We all know how hot it is, Janet.

We know.


2. Lunch outside, all day everyday 

It doesn't matter if you're outside in the shade. Who cares if they sun is already gone?

It's a heat wave and we will eat outside 24/7.


3. There are never enough fans 

Some people work in offices that have built in air conditioning systems.

These people are extremely lucky and we do not envy them at all.

The rest of us just have to get on with things and hope that our place of work comes equipped with enough fans to ensure nobody drops dead in the middle of an Excel sheet.


It never does though. There are never enough fans.

4. Someone eats soup and everyone freaks out 


5. At least one person gets sunburnt during their lunch break

"John didn't put any cream on this morning and now he's got a farmer's tan and a giant red head. Poor lad."

6. People still ask "is it OK if I open a window?" even though it blatantly is 

If you were closing the window now lads, that would an issue.

Just get on with it, we're sweating to death in here.

7. Your manager jokes about sending everyone home for the seventh time this week 

It wasn't funny on Monday, Karen, and it isn't funny now.

Either let us go or be quiet.