8 things Dublin buses are doing right now 5 years ago

8 things Dublin buses are doing right now

Dublin Buses are on strike!

We caught up with a few of the buses and they seemed happy enough with the day off, albeit under difficult circumstances.


Here's how some of the buses are spending their time off.

Michael's spending his day off on the beach with his girlfriend, Sarah. "I burn like a ginger, so I'll be lathering on the suncream all day".A girl sunbathing on an empty beach.



Teresa's treating herself to a massage on her day off. "I've built up a lot of tension in my neck lately, so I'm hoping to relieve some of the pain".

Portable massage / beauty table with waxing equipment in the back ground.


Mark's playing bowling with a few friends. "Really hope I get a strike, haha, imagine the irony! Also it's a very good score".


Group of friends at bowling - Young people having fun at bowling,one girl is throwing ball and friends supports her


Claire's doing a bit of gardening. "The hedges out the back are wild overgrown, so I'll give them a quick trim and then sit down and I might read a book".

Professional hedges cutting with gasoline telescopic hedge trimmer.



Liam's still in bed. "I'm up at the crack of dawn every morning, so I'm going to treat myself to a little lie in because I work hard and I deserve it. Nightmare trying to get oil out of the sheets though!"

Hotel Bed, White Sheets, Morning After


Gary's at the gym for a quick workout. "I like to keep fit, I probably hit the gym about four times a week. Today I'm running a 4k just. Looks like Dublin Bus is running today after all!"


Small group of athletic people exercising in a health club and jogging on running tracks. Focus is on young smiling man.


Siobhán's working this morning. "Yeah I've two jobs, so it's not really a day off for me, I'm working all day but sure someone has to do it".

Interior of a traditional British food and drinks establishment with a modern twist. No people. Table, chairs, stools and bar counter seen with overhead lighting.


Seán's at the cinema. "I've wanted to see Speed for ages, my friend Brian is in it, and I've heard it's meant to be very good".

Empty movie theatre with a blank screen