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Anyone who works in retail will be able to relate to this tweet about a bubble bar
This is the WORST

The life of a retail worker is always far from easy.

Try as hard as you want, customers will never EVER understand the amount of pain and suffering retail workers have to endure in their bid to explain a situation to a customer.

Speaking from personal experience, I can't count the amount of times I was stuck behind a till nearly crying in pain because a customer would simply not understand me.

At some point in all our lives, we've all been stuck answering a stupid question for a customer we'd rather ignore.

One retail worker for popular soap store, Lush, in Dublin, shared a hilarious photo of the lengths some customers will go to to ignore the instructions of the people in charge when shopping.


Speaking about the seriously awkward incident, the Lush worker said that one of the store's products was out on display and within a customer's reach, but didn't anticipate the next action of the customer.

While his back was turned, a customer tried to EAT a bubble bar... The Lush worker explained:

"It's a bubble bar called Yuzu and Coca bubbleroon. It has avocado butter, fair trade shea butter, fair trade bananas.

While the eater of the bubble bar was a naive child, he said the eating of products meant for the bath is a growing problem among customers

"There was one time a kid took a bite out of a creamy candy bubble bar and spat it out on the floor. It was rotten...

"Then a proper grown up took a bite out of one of our massage bars because we said you're supposed to melt it on your partner and lick it off."

Luckily, the child who tried to eat the bath bomb in question was left unharmed, if not totally mortified.

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