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Bride walking down the aisle surprised her groom in the best way possible
Would you surprise your other half like this?

We can only imagine what went through the groom's head at seeing this.

When it comes to being a (lonely, bitter, single) spectator at weddings, if you're a regular attendee at nuptial services they can all tend to blur into one.

The solemn, quiet Mass part, the look on the groom's face as he sees his beautiful bride walk down the aisle, the tears, the laughter, the awkward dancing with your aunt when you're just *not* quite drunk enough... We all know the familiarity of the stages of an Irish wedding.

One couple in the US has certainly shunned routine as the bride's walk to her groom is going viral. Jon and Beth Gardner had an outdoor wedding, but what Jon didn't see coming was Beth's incredible entrance.

Spotted on Metro, Beth decided to honour her middle name and her mum's maiden name - Rex - by dressing up as a rex, namely a tyrannosaurus rex.

The couple's wedding videographer Jon Murray was more than happy to help Beth surprise Paul and directed her way in the huge costume before she met Paul, who burst into laughter upon seeing her.

The happy couple were so delighted with the footage they even both commented on the video, giving thanks for the moment which can now be watched again and again.


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