This adorable doggo has his own special chair because of a rare medical condition 2 years ago

This adorable doggo has his own special chair because of a rare medical condition

We're crying.

Sometimes, you just read a story that hits you right in the feels.


This is one of those stories, friends.

We'd like to introduce you to Buck, a young Labrador who suffers from megaesophagus, a rare disease.

The disease means that Buck can't eat food without being sick unless he's in an upright position.

Our hearts are broken.


Anyway, an animal charity has teamed up with engineering students to make Buck a special chair.

The chair holds Buck in place, allowing him eat and get all of the nutrition he needs.


Currently, Buck is underweight, weighing half of what he should for his age.


Buck was originally taken in by charity Team Edward Labrador Rescue, before he was rescued by Emma Drinkall.

Emma, who is a vet and teaching associate at the University of Nottingham, and her partner Nick, designed the special chair for their beloved doggo!

Emma said: "We saw the Buck's story on social media, and I knew we just had to do something if he was going to have a chance."

Help, We're crying.



"Luckily Nick and I have the combined expertise and experience to build the chair quickly."

"There is currently no surgery available for dogs with this condition, and as Buck is already receiving the medications that can help, the one thing other thing that could help him keep his food down is gravity itself," Emma continued.

"Being upright while feeding will help the food drip through the sphincter that controls access to his stomach."

"We hope that by feeding Buck this way and stopping him from regurgitating we will minimise the risk of this additional complication developing. Wendy, Team Edward Labrador Rescue, David Bucks' foster Dad, and Laura Buck's Vet have all done an amazing job with Buck so far."


WHAT a wonderful story!

We hope you get well soon, Buck.