This man (purposely) got his penis stuck in a train door and we're asking 'WTF?' 4 years ago

This man (purposely) got his penis stuck in a train door and we're asking 'WTF?'

Warning: explicit content - definitely NSFW 

It's certainly not the most obvious course of action when travelling upon a train.


Indeed, exposing yourself in a public place could very much result in the (understandable) distress of those around you, as well as a spot of jail-time.

Nevertheless, a group of guys recently decided it would only be completely hilarious to get their mate to stick his penis in between closing train doors.

Absolutely bizarre, granted, however the resulting footage is kinda intriguing in a 'can't-look-can't-look-away' capacity.

It is believed the man in question and his friends were travelling to the Cheltenham racecourse earlier this month when the incident took place.


It is furthermore thought that the group had been drinking when they made their decision.

In footage happily shared on Twitter, the guys can be seen laughing as the doors slam shut on the their friend's penis.

Thankfully, the individual puts his manhood away following the prank and gets on with his journey while fully clothed.

In the aftermath, the Twitter account that shared the video has been pretty active - with plenty of people praising the lad-in-question's, ahem, balls.


Still, Danny Criddle, who describes himself as aged 22 and from Bristol, did admit that there was also some considerable criticism for the move (he is adamant that the incident amounted to nothing more than "team bonding").

The tweet now has 2.5K retweets and 5.2K likes.