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Could you do any better?

Ali vs Frazier, Borg vs McEnroe, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Simpson vs Flanders, Craggy Island vs Rugged Island.

The world is absolutely filled with famous rivalries and head-to-head showdowns, but no contest is bigger than man vs food.

We've all been there. Walking into a restaurant with a serious hunger on you, supremely confident that you'll be able to devour the biggest thing on the menu. Fast forward to an hour later, damn those meat sweats!

Then again, some heroes rise up and take a defiant stand against those massive portions. See, it's their version of climbing Mount Everest.

The chicken fillet roll will always have a special place in the hearts of the Irish public, but one question remains.

Is it possible to eat 5 chicken fillet rolls in the space of an hour?

A trio of gentlemen named Richie, James and Martin documented the whole thing and it's here for you pleasure.


Take a look as James puts his mind, and stomach, to the ultimate test. Can he do it?

Clip via - Fitz

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