Parents share the unicorn birthday cake that went so very wrong 3 years ago

Parents share the unicorn birthday cake that went so very wrong

It seems to be too easy to forget the different between appearance and reality.

Many of us can be easily fooled by perfect pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and other sites where users can primp and preen their appearance with the aid of filters or special effects.

People are quick to judge people based on their photos as we've seen in the past in the cases of Vicky Pattinson, Pink and Mel C...

But in the case of this birthday cake story, perhaps you're better off being cynical rather than too gullible when it comes to asking for what you want.


A couple took to Reddit to explain their conundrum when they ordered a unicorn cake for their daughter's birthday.


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Expecting a cake like the one shown above, they explained why the cake they receieved didn't exactly match up to the photo they supplied:

"Our daughter wanted a unicorn cake for her birthday like the one she saw online.

"We didn’t really get what we expected."

Can you see why the parents were left a little disappointed?


That's right - while the cake has the same eyelids and eyelashes, flowers and shape of the original cake, it's hard to ignore the pretty HUGE phallic-looking unicorn horn right in the middle.

What a nightmare.

This incident isn't the first we've heard of children's cakes gone wrong, as who could forget Ross and Rachel's cake dilemma over baby Emma's birthday?

Life truly does imitate art.