This woman pretended to be sick to get out of a date and the police got involved 6 years ago

This woman pretended to be sick to get out of a date and the police got involved

Bad dates are a notoriously excruciating experience.

You're sitting in a restaurant while your date overshares to you about their stomach issues, or you're in a bar wondering how much one person can talk about their car (while showing you photos and referring to it as a 'she').


These dates are easy enough to escape. All you have to do is make an excuse and leg it for your bus, or ask a friend to text you in a fake emergency situation.

What happens though when your date is in an awkward location?

One Massachusetts woman found herself in this very pickle when she agreed to go on a hiking date. The date was obviously going badly enough for the woman to feign being sick, but according to the police blotter tweeted by Alexander Chee, her date rang the emergency services to get her looked after.


Listen, if a date is bad enough, you'll probably do anything to get out of it. Scarlet though.

We found this Reddit story about a bad date excuse that was actually real, and it's pretty majestic.

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"I've got the most unbelievable one.

Met guy online. The first time we were to meet up, I arrived at our meeting place about 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time.

I receive a phone call while I was waiting for him.

It was a Constable calling (I'm Canadian). He tells me that he's got my mother and my brother in custody for domestic disturbance. He asks if I can drive down to the station to help their investigation.

I tell him to give me an hour or so. I was in shock.

Guy arrives. I tell him exactly why I needed to leave. He looks like I just made the whole thing up, but he shrugs it off. I promise to reschedule for a later day.

I drove to the station afterward, bailed my mom out of jail. Took her to her arraignment the next morning. Met up with the dude for lunch.

Yep, real story. My life is full of pleasant surprises."