Parent seeks babysitter with 'delusional' list of requirements 3 years ago

Parent seeks babysitter with 'delusional' list of requirements

Ah, now.

Remember when you used to babysit your brother or sister and you'd get a cool 50 quid for sitting on the couch and watching the TV while the child slept?


Yeah, us neither.

The above figure may be a slight bit of a stretch alright, but at the end of the day you didn't exactly have to do much so it was actually pretty grand no matter what kind of money you were getting.

The whole scenario wouldn't have been exactly grand though if you were only getting minimum wage and had to meet a list of requirements that were so delusional, so unnecessary and so ridiculous, you'd almost be forgiven for walking out of the gaff and abandoning the child half way through the night.

And that's if you even got the job.


Posted on Reddit, this Facebook post was shared by a parent in desperate need of somebody to mind their children for a measly $10 an hour (but it's really like $15 if you were paying taxes).

Except they wanted them to have a degree in childcare, be able to pay for their own snacks, and "ideally be a Trump fan."

Yeah, honestly.

Here's the post in full.


Where are they off to with this list of requirements, like?

Perfect attendance? No history of traffic problems? Serious inquiries only?!

Absolute piss take.


Lots of other people thought so too, assuming that the list had to be a joke due to the Trump element.

Others, however, thought it made perfect sense due to the tax evasion element.

Which, you know, fair enough.