Things you put up with at a festival- that in RL are unacceptable 3 years ago

Things you put up with at a festival- that in RL are unacceptable

Festivals are filthy, rotten places.

Every summer we flock to festivals around the country, from Bpdy&Soul to EP. We love getting the chance to hear some of our favourite bands and spend the weekend having the craic with our friends.


One thing we don't totally love however is the slightly disturbing and minging occurrences that happen at every festival.

Here is our list of the 6 things we put up with at a festival- that in real life are unacceptable.

1. Not washing for days

Let's just get the obvious one out of the way, when you're at a festival you simply won't wash. Dry shampoo and baby wipes will swiftly become a (poor) substitute for showering. You might as well just face the fact that you won't feel clean until you get back home.

2.Vomit, vomit everywhere

Throughout the weekend you will step over approximately 170 piles of vomit of various consistencies and colours. Somehow it just becomes normal. Gag!


3. Sweaty neighbours

You will undoubtedly have to stand behind a person who produces more sweat than you thought was humanly possibly. When the crowd makes a push for the stage you will be unceremoniously crushed against their back sweat. Extra points it the person is topless.

4. Someone will cop a squat in the middle of a set

Delightful! You will dutifully avert your eyes while you wonder how they can manage to be so blasé about the whole thing.


5. You won't blame them because anything is better than a porta potty

To be fair peeing in the open air does sound a lot more favourable than queuing for hours to use a hell hole of a porta potty. We are still traumatised from last year.

6. People will passionately shift in the mosh pit

Music festivals are a weird mix between a farm and a teenage disco. People could be up to their elbows in muck and still manage to get the shift every five minutes. All rules about PDAs go straight out the window.


Even with all these dirty, disgusting things we somehow still go back year after year.