"I Was on All The Club Drugs" Singer Pink Opens up About Her Drug-Filled Past 10 years ago

"I Was on All The Club Drugs" Singer Pink Opens up About Her Drug-Filled Past

Pink has shocked the world by speaking about her past for the first time and admitting that she spent her teenage years selling hard drugs like crystal meth. The singer has also revealed that she suffered a massive overdose when she was just 15 years old.

The Sunday World reports that the singer, who is playing the role of an addict in a new film starring Gwyneth Paltrow, confessed: “I understand addiction because I was a hard-core partyer from the ages of 12 to 15.”


“I was like a candy raver and I was on all the club drugs, eventually ending up selling ecstasy, crystal meth and Special K,” said Pink.

Pink cites her parents’ divorce as being the reason why she turned to drugs in the first place. Pink was just a toddler when her parents split up and spent the early years of her life being shuttled between their homes. The constant movement meant that she was able to dupe them both into thinking she was at home when she was actually out getting high as a teen.

“Nobody asked your age on club doors and everyone had fake IDs anyway,” she revealed.

“I wasn’t interested in school, sports, hobbies or any of the other supposedly healthy things kids should be into. I just wanted to get high. I was running wild and heading for a fall,” she added.


The singer has spoken about her past drug problems.

According to Pink, selling drugs “just seemed like a natural thing to do” once she began using them herself.

“There I was, putting my neck on the line as a young punk dealing hard drugs to gnarly addicts,” she said.


The “inevitable” happened to pink back in 1995 when she had to be rushed to hospital after a near-lethal overdose.

“I was the pariah of my school and the shameful specimen of my disjointed family. I was lucky to survive and, since then, I never touched drugs,” she said.

As well as starring in her first ever movie role in Thanks for Sharing, Pink’s sixth studio album is due to be released later this month.