Irish pop sensation Ódú returns with disco infused single, Men Like Me 1 year ago

Irish pop sensation Ódú returns with disco infused single, Men Like Me

Our new road trip anthem.

As someone who loves 80s new wave and pop music, Irish artist Ódú is always on my playlist.


After a brief hiatus Ódú is back with his latest single Men Like Me and it's what we're going to be playing all summer long.

With the country starting to open back up again for summer I think we're all thinking road trip and honestly this is the song that will make you feel like the main character in your own life.

I've already got it in mind for when I'm on a long drive, staring out of the car window, pretending I'm in a music video.


Reminiscent of La Roux and inspired by the vulnerability in the lyrics of Mitski’s ‘Nobody’, the track bursts into life from the off, with Ódú’s dazzling vocals soaring above a disco-inspired synth line.

Ódú burst onto the music scene with her debut single ‘Different’ in 2016, which was soon followed by the release of her acclaimed debut EP ‘Conversations’ in February 2017.


In 2018, Ódú released ‘Roots’, an 80’s pop inspired track, following up with ‘The Feeling’ in 2019.

After a year long hiatus, Ódú returns with her brand new single ‘Men Like Me’, an uptempo, ode to disco revolution of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The track is driven by a bouncing bass beat, accompanied by Ódú’s vocals floating high above the instrumentation.

"I really wanted that style of rhythm guitar that features in so many of my favourite disco tracks but I wanted to marry it with some darker instrumentation such as the somewhat eerie synths and the wall of sound of the vocals to bring it to a fever pitch"


Seriously though, if you think the 80s was the best decade for music and you're looking for a new summer jam Men Like Me is it.