Jedward to release new album in honour of their late mother 1 year ago

Jedward to release new album in honour of their late mother

"We never publicly talked about the struggles or our mum's illness."

Jedward are set to release a new album in honour of their late mother.

The twins, John and Edward Grimes, announced the news this morning via their Twitter page, saying that the upcoming album, Voice of a Rebel, would be dropping this summer.

Their mother, Susannah Grimes, passed away earlier this year after a long battle with cancer.

Speaking on Loose Women today, the twins said that their mother was an "inspiration" from the very beginning of their career.


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"She was such an inspiration to me and up to the point of her passing, she was still fighting," said Edward.

"She never lost who she was," John went on. "It would have been hard to go on and see her lose herself, but she never lost herself as a person."

Edward said that they haven't really talked to anybody about their mother's passing. He added that it didn't feel like they were mourning alone because "everyone is feeling for us."

"It was hard because we never publicly talked about the struggles, or our mum's illness," he said. "She didn't want to show weakness."

"We haven't talked to anyone about it. It's kind of very closed doors. It's not just us mourning, it's our fans and everyone is feeling for us."

Following their mother's passing, Jedward shared an emotive post on Instagram thanking her for her "loyalty and presence" and for being "the core to the whole family."

They wrote:

"We can still hear you talking in our thoughts saying good night John, good night Edward, good night Kevin.

We will always admire you for your honesty and love. Every song we created and all the projects were from your vision and heart. Mammy you will always be our best friend and your genuine goodness will be missed."

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