Lana Del Rey threatens to pull out of Glastonbury after lineup announcement 3 weeks ago

Lana Del Rey threatens to pull out of Glastonbury after lineup announcement

Glastonbury 2023 organisers really ticked off this artist..

The Worthy Farms event is making headlines for all the wrong reasons this year.


The festival announced an all-male headliner lineup on Friday March 3rd and it's been getting a lot of backlash ever since.

Now, Lana Del Rey is threatening to pull out of Glastonbury festival after her name was buried in the seventh row of the lineup poster.

She is set to perform at 'The Other Stage' on the Saturday afternoon.

Her name can be seen half-way down the poster but there are 24 acts listed before her including the likes of Lizzo, Alt-J and Fred Again.


Lana took to Instagram with her frustrations and wrote: "Well I'm actually headlining the 2nd stage but since there was no consideration for announcing that, we'll see."

Yep, she seems pretty annoyed.


A source close to the singer said: "Lana is disappointed. She was proud to be doing a headline slot but, on the announcement graphic her name is buried among lesser-known artists.

“She feels let down being presented as an afterthought lagging behind the all-male trio."

Lana is not shy and has already proved that she has no problem standing up for herself in situations like this.

It's something she's had to learn how to do after many nasty incidents happened during the early days of her career.


In past interviews, she's mentioned how people used to shove and elbow dig her as she walked by.

Speaking to fellow musician, Billie Eilish, Lana recalled one woman in particular who threw a book about feminism at her while she sat in a cafe.

She said she even had to get used to dodging flying objects as people would often throw things at her.

Will she pull out of Glastonbury?

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