What You Need To Know About... Packing For A Festival 3 years ago

What You Need To Know About... Packing For A Festival

Whether you're a festival veteran or virgin, deciding what to pack for your weekend adventure can be a tricky business.

Forgetting one important thing could put a serious dampener on proceedings (literally!) so we advise that you pack your bag well in advance to avoid a last-minute meltdown.

Here are our top tips for getting festival ready!

1) Raingear

The Met Éireann forecast might be good but this is Ireland so you could still end up with a downpour on Saturday afternoon. Our advice? Always, always bring raingear. A lightweight waterproof jacket or poncho (you should be able to pick up a cute one in Penneys for €10) and a comfortable pair of wellies should be enough to shield you from the elements. Don't bother with an umbrella as you probably won't be allowed to bring it into the main arena.

Given the summer we're having, it's probably advisable to throw SPF, sunglasses and a hat in there too!

2) Binbags 

This may be a less obvious one but it's just as important. If it rains, you will have a lot of wet clothes and will need somewhere to put them so a binbag will become your festival friend. They're also handy for putting your dirty wellies into at the end of the day, sitting on if the ground is wet, putting used clothes into, cleaning your tent... in short, binbags are completely indispensable.

3) Earplugs and an eye mask

If you are in any way a light sleeper, then these will come in very handy as every campsite has some absolute gobsh*te who insists on singing Wonderwall over and over again at 5am. Like the rain, there's not a whole lot you can do about it (other than put a mental curse upon him and all belonging to him) but if you come prepared, you can block out the terrible wailing and enjoy a nice snooze instead.

4) A pillow

If you want to really enjoy a kip, then we'll let you in a little secret. Your bag might double as somewhere to lay your head but a pillow will let you avoid neck strain, sleep in comfort and make your hair less knotted the following morning. Just stuff it in the bottom of your festival bag and you're winning!

5) Wipes and dry shampoo

You may have plans to shower and remove your make-up properly and all that but once you get into the festival spirit and fall back into your tent in the wee hours after an epic boogie and a few too many whiskey cocktails, chances are you'll be far to wrecked to trek to the sink. Baby wipes will keep you clean and in some kind of reasonable state for a few days. Likewise, dry shampoo will cure all hair sins and give you a dishevelled rock chick look that Kate Moss would be proud of.

6) Bare essentials

Even if you think you've previously hit rock bottom, there is NOTHING more undignified than using a Portaloo at 1am and realising too late that there's no toilet paper. That's why Team Her.ie never go to a festival without our own stash of loo roll and hand sanitiser. Sharing your supplies with fellow women in need is also a great way to make new friends and collect some good karma. Also, towels are one of those things that are easily forgotten so make sure to put them in first.


7) Nibbles

Going to a festival is an expensive business so one way of cutting costs is bringing some of your own food to the event. Cereal bars, crisps and fruit can be very handy for breakfast or when you're feeling a bit peckish during the day, with the added bonus that you don't have to trek to a food stand when you're feeling a bit vulnerable. However, food is one of our favourite parts of being at a festival so you've got to splurge on trying some of the amazing stuff on offer too!

8) Medical supplies

We're not suggesting that you put together a kit that your local A&E would be proud of but bringing a few bits can help avoid major stress. We recommend plasters, painkillers, something for a dodgy tummy and sanitary products (because it always arrives at the absolute WORST time!).

9) Lightweight clothing

The key to remaining comfortable at a festival is layering. Start with an outfit that you would wear in the sun and keep adding seperates until it keeps you warm. For example, adding leggings and cardigan can make a summer dress perfect for the evening time. Forget heavy knitwear as it takes up too much space and will be useless if the weather is wet.

10) Finishing touches

All bets are off at a festival so it's a great opportunity to get experimental with your look. We never leave without some cool jewellery, a decent hat (covers a multitude of sins) and a light printed scarf. Forget heavy make-up and opt for a bright lip and some eyeliner for a funky look that you'll manage in minutes.

But don't forget...

You can survive without most of the above (and a heavy bag is no craic to carry so keep to the basics!) so if you do one thing, make sure you have these before you leave the house!

1) Your ticket

2) Your phone charger

3) Cash

4) Tent

5) Your sense of humour (enjoy!)