Newborn baby snatched and killed by monkey in India 1 year ago

Newborn baby snatched and killed by monkey in India

A 12-day-old baby has been killed by a monkey in India.

The infant was snatched from his mother in her home by a group of monkeys while she was trying to breastfeed him.

Locals chased the group but one of the monkeys bit the baby boy on the head before dropping him and running away.

The infant was rushed to hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.

BBC News reports that the baby was snatched from his mother in the city of Agra, not far from the Taj Mahal.

The baby's uncle, Dhirendra Kumar, said that the infant's family are heartbroken by the loss and that they now "live in fear" of the growing number of monkeys.

He said:

"There are too many monkeys in the area. We live in fear.

"We have told the administration so many times to help us but they haven't done anything. The mother of the baby is too distraught to even speak."

The baby's grandmother said that she had been devastated by the death.

"I have lost my grandson," she said. "Just a few hours before the monkey attacked our baby, I had him in my arms.

"Our baby didn't have to die. People will talk about it for a while and then forget it. But we have to live with the reality that our baby is gone."

This isn't the first time that a child has been attacked in Agra.

A few months ago, a toddler was attacked by a group of monkeys. He is currently recovering in hospital.