300 'washback' baby turtles are being helped out by a Florida zoo 8 months ago

300 'washback' baby turtles are being helped out by a Florida zoo

Brevard Zoo in Florida is caring for almost 300 washback turtles following adverse weather conditions.

An influx of approximately 300 new temporary residents were taken in recently when Hurricane Leslie hit and damaged their habitat.

In 2014, Brevard Zoo in collaboration with Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS) made great advancements in the world of turtle conservation by creating a 2,400-square-foot Sea Turtle Healing Center. The centre comprises of two different facilities with a total of 12 tanks ranging in size from six to 20 feet.

Green and loggerhead washbacks – baby turtles that have been washed back up onto the shore, have been taken in until weather conditions in the area improve again.

On their website, Brevard Zoo explains that baby turtles are born with a yolk that gives them a “burst of energy” which enables them to make the arduous swim out to seaweed that provides them with vital shelter and nutrients. If turtles are washed back onto the beach, they do not have the energy to make the journey again and will die without the intervention of organisations like STPS.

The facility in Brevard Zoo, which is unfortunately not open to the public, was created as the Brevard County has beaches that are some of the most important nesting areas in the world. Having a centre nearby means turtles can access faster care which minimises distress to the animal.

'Washback' baby turtles are being helped out by a Florida zoo

The 300 baby turtles will remain at the treatment centre for a few days and will be brought back to the weed lines when the weather permits.

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