4-year-old girl dies from Covid day after showing symptoms, says mother 1 week ago

4-year-old girl dies from Covid day after showing symptoms, says mother

She died in her sleep.

A four year old girl in Texas has sadly passed away from Covid-19 one day after showing symptoms.


In a very rare case of someone so young dying from the virus, Kali Cook began to show symptoms only hours before she passed away in her sleep.

She has officially become the youngest person to die from the virus in the US state's Gavescon County.

Her mum, Karra Harwood told The Daily News: "I was one of the people that was anti (vaccine), I was against it.

"Now, I wish I never was."

The family had been quarantining due to their positive Covid status but it is unknown how many in the home were infected and when they had been diagnosed.

After developing a fever overnight, Kali died in her sleep and her mother claims she had no underlying health conditions but seemed to always be sicker than her siblings.


While she never tested positive for Covid, it was confirmed to be in her system when she was examined by the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office, local media reported.

Explaining her Covid status, Karra said: "I ended up getting Covid and was diagnosed on Monday (September 6).

"I came home and was isolated. I tried to stay away from her and didn’t want her and my other kids to get it."

At 2am the following day she gave her daughter medicine after noticing she had a fever but by 7am, Kali had died.


Kali is said to not have been in school since September 1st.

Galveston County Local Health Authority's Philip Keiser said: "It’s very important, if your kids are sick, not to say, “Oh, they’re going to be OK,”’ the Daily News reported.

"If your kids are sick, go seek out medical care."