5 things I learned while recording my smear test 11 months ago

5 things I learned while recording my smear test

Lube doesn't always mean a party.

Yep, we're diving straight in with lube talk. On this week's episode of Girls With Goals, we're focusing on health and some of the things we can (and should) do to stay on top of things.

Full disclosure, I'm the queen of procrastination, sometimes I have so many things to do that I simply choose to nap instead... true story.


I've been putting off my latest smear test for around 8 months, which is pretty stupid and unacceptable. So, this week, I thought it was important to practise what I preach, SUCK IT UP and get it done.

You can listen in at 8:50 on your iPhone or Android or keep reading below for more on my smear test adventure:



Ok, so a few things I learned:

  1. Nurses are the best... and they DON'T care about your vagina - I'll compare the vagina in this situation to security at the airport, a necessity to get through in order to get to the plane (the plane being the cervix... too literal?). The nurse or doctor taking the sample has no interest in your bikini line or your underwear, they see this part of women every single day of the week, so rest assured there's no judgment happening.
  2. Men hate hearing about your cervix - I've genuinely never encountered as many 'ew' faces than I have this past week. Lads, we know... it's uncomfortable to think about, but we're the ones who have to open the legs and get it done, so chill.
  3. People on the street also not so cool with cervix talk - This is really more to do with my lack of influencer skills, but I did document the whole thing on my Instagram account, and yeah... it was a little awkward.
  4. It lasts 2 minutes - The nurse did tell me that it can get more complicated if the cervix can't be found. It's literally an in and out job. Lube helps a lot, and probably the most uncomfortable moment is the insertion, then it's pretty much plain sailing.
  5. It's NOT painful - It doesn't hurt. Honestly, if it's your first time don't fret. You'll only be having the test if you're sexually active and what with tampons etc. the feeling will be familiar. A tiny bit of pressure and then HEY PRESTO you're done.

Also on this week's episode, we're joined in studio by Dr.Carla O'Neill from the Marie Keating Foundation and Dr.Caitriona Hencion of the Irish Family Planning Association. 

I was also joined by sisters Ashling and Aoife O'Regan who are highlighting the importance of getting screened by sharing their story (20.40).


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