Over 93% of pledged houses are not hosting Ukraine refugees 5 months ago

Over 93% of pledged houses are not hosting Ukraine refugees

Government officials have voiced concerns about sourcing further accommodation.

Despite initial pledges offering housing for 20,000 Ukrainian refugees, just 1,300 are living in promised accommodation.


It means 6.5% of those those who offered up their houses now host refugees fleeing the war and a little over 93% have fallen through, RTÉ reports.

34,800 Ukrainians have arrived in the country since the war broke out at the end of February, including more than 180 unaccompanied children,

25,000 are seeking accommodation from State services.

Senior Government officials are understood to have voiced concerns last week about sourcing further accommodation.


The Cabinet Sub-Committee overseeing the response to the Ukraine war is set to meet on Monday and will discuss the topic further.

One worry is what will happen when student accommodation is no longer available at the end of the summer to house people seeking refuge.

Last month, Liam O'Dwyer from the Irish Red Cross appeared on Newstalk explaining why some people may have reconsidered their initial accommodation offer.

"When people make a pledge - we would have experienced this before when we began the pledges database for the Syrian refugees... what happens is people immediately say 'Yeah, this is something we'd really like to do'," he said.


"And they say 'Actually we've thought about it now, and no we're not going to go ahead'. And then others, just the phone isn't answered - and we can't move ahead unless there is an actual response from the person.

"We also need further details because many people, when they go on to the pledge database, they don't give the full details."

Roughly a fifth of people who came here form Ukraine have found work, with many taking jobs in the hospitality sector.

The Government is now looking at ways of helping more refugees find work here.