After a decent few days, the weather is set to take a massive turn tonight 3 years ago

After a decent few days, the weather is set to take a massive turn tonight

The weather has been pretty great the last few days.

Sunny, warm and just about everything we could possibly want - if only it had actually stuck around for the weekend.


Met Éireann have predicted a particularly cold evening tonight - with temperatures dropping below zero - and things are only going to get more grim as the weekend goes on.

A forecaster said that Saturday night will be "mainly dry, with clear intervals developing in most parts." It will be cloudier in the southwest, with some patches of drizzle.

It's also going to be cold - with minimum temperatures ranging between -1C and 2C, and some frost and the risk of a few icy patches (particularly in the northwest).

Although it's not all bad news for tonight.


The forecaster added:

"In the southwest, temperatures will be a little higher, with maximum values of 3C to 6C under mostly cloudy skies. Winds mostly light, north to northeast in direction."

Sunday is forecast to be mostly dry and bright, with some sunny spells - although a few isolated showers may hit in parts of the east and southeast, especially near coasts.

The maximum temperatures will range from 9C to 13C, coolest in the north and east.


The forecaster continued:

"Sunday night will be mostly dry and cloudy with lowest temperatures of 4C to 6C across the country.

"Winds will be mainly light from a southeasterly direction and although most of the country will remain dry there may be an odd spot of drizzle."