This grieving mum donated over 400 litres of milk to a hospital to honour her son 5 years ago

This grieving mum donated over 400 litres of milk to a hospital to honour her son

She donated it over a period of 10 months.

One woman in Omaha in the US has decided more than 400 litres of breast milk to the hospital where her young son passed away.


Demi Frandsen spent more than 10 months in the intensive care unit in the Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha as her baby boy Leo was diagnosed with gastroschisis, a condition where there was no skin to cover over his exposed organs.

According to ABC 6while the mother tried to nurse her child back to health, she continued to wake up and pump her milk to give to other babies in the hospital.

Leo wasn't capable of drinking much milk due to his condition, so Demi decided to spend her time doing something productive towards other babies in the hospital and donated 131 gallons of milk.



The hospital set up a milk depot in 2013 and looks for donations all the time, and lactation consultant Tammi Martin spoke of how Demi's contribution would help many other children.

"With all that was going on in her life she found it in her heart to give to other babies...

"For our babies that are very small, for our sickest, tiniest babies whose mothers can't provide the milk they need

"We talk about all the good, positive qualities of breast milk that formula doesn't have and our smallest babies need those antibodies, those protective factors and growth factors."

The milk that is contributed to the depot is then sent off to the nearby Denver Milk Bank. The milk is cleansed and pasteurised before being sent back to the intensive care unit to feed many babies in the ward.

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