Babies born in Ireland today will live to 105 years old, says report 1 year ago

Babies born in Ireland today will live to 105 years old, says report

Yes, our minds are blown too.

Humans are living longer than ever.  Now new data on life expectancy has shown just how much time the next generation will have on earth.


Irish babies born today are expected to live to the age of 105.

Yes, new arrivals in Ireland in 2021 have a life expectancy of 105.6 years, according to Unicef.

The organisation has published the prediction based on 2020 UN data on population growth and ageing.

Babies born elsewhere will have even longer lives, the data shows. The life expectancy for 2021 babies in Andorra is 119 years, while in Switzerland it's 116. Other countries where newborns can expect long lives include France (114 years) and Portugal (113).


The data does however highlight the vast differences in life expectancies around the world.

Babies born in Chad and its neighbouring country the Central African Republic this year can only expect to live to the age of 61; the lowest life expectancy anywhere in the world.

Unicef Ireland's Chief Executive has said that we should focus on building a "better world" for the children born in 2021.


"This has been a difficult year for all of us, and there is perhaps no better way to turn the page than to welcome new young lives into the world,” he told the Irish Times.

“With the challenges of 2020 behind us, and the opportunities of 2021 before us, now is the time to begin to build a better world. Children born today will inherit the world we begin to build for them today.”