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Mattel has created the first ever Barbie who wears a hijab
Very cool.

This is very cool.

When we think of the Barbie doll, we probably get a picture in our head of a stick thin blonde doll with pink clothes and accessories. Thankfully, in recent years they've begun to change that typical image by introducing dolls with different interests and backgrounds.

One of the latest additions is a Barbie with a hijab. It's been created to honour and pay tribute to the American athlete, Ibtihaj Muhammad, who competed in the Olympics in fencing.


Posting a picture of Ibtihaj alongside her Barbie they said, "We are so excited to honor @IbtihajMuhammad with a one-of-a-kind #Barbie doll! Ibtihaj continues to inspire women and girls everywhere to break boundaries."


Tweeting about the news, Ibtihaj said it's a childhood dream come true.

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