Bewley's Grafton Street has reopened its doors - again 9 months ago

Bewley's Grafton Street has reopened its doors - again

"Another one" *DJ Khaled voice*

Bewley's has opened its doors again this morning for the first time since March.


The iconic Dublin coffee house, which closed "permanently" during lockdown, opened at 10am this morning (August 27) on Grafton Street.

The café has rehired staff and will offer table service and a limited menu. Social distancing measures will allow for reduced capacity in line with Covid-19 guidelines.

Owner of Bewley’s, Paddy Campbell said: “Like many of you, lockdown gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on what’s precious in this life.

"I’m 78 years old, born and bred in inner-city Dublin. I’ve lived through many recessions and recoveries and seen Ireland grow and change, for the good and for the not-so-good. And what emerged from my turmoil was the determination that this recovery from Covid should be culture and values led.

"I’m so proud of the contribution that our beloved Bewley’s Café has made to the life of our city and country - as a gathering place, a crucible for the arts, a second home. As an icon and a beacon. We’ve lost so much that was unique and authentic to our community and we are all poorer for it. This time, the economic story cannot be the sole focus as we rebuild ourselves.

"And so, we will pay the heavy price… to live our values, preserve our heritage, and keep this beautiful Café open in the beating heart of Dublin. We look forward to welcoming our wonderful customers back through the doors from today.”

Bewley's announced its closure earlier this summer resulting in the loss of 110 jobs.


Col Campbell of Bewley's later announced that the establishment would reopen again in stages towards the end of summer.

"We're conscious of the role that Bewley's plays in the hearts of visitors and Dubliners and we're delighted once again to play our part in bringing Dublin's city centre back to life," he said.

"We're thrilled that the team who made Bewley's such a wonderful place, will once again bring the Bewley's experience alive with customers, albeit on a phased basis initially."

Landlords, Ronan Group Real Estate, also acknowledged the café's significance in the city. They have since come to an agreement regarding Bewley's rent.

"We are very mindful of the cultural importance of Bewley's Café Grafton Street to the city of Dublin, its residents and tourists," they said.


"We hope that the temporary cessation of trade will have brought a renewed focus on the quality of the food offering, and we look forward to the café's reopening."

The café will open from 10am this morning.